About Daniel Bobinski

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Daniel Bobinski is an author, speaker, executive coach, and co-director of Family Experience. His passion? Helping people remove obstacles to success, and equipping parents to be spiritual leaders in their homes. 


After growing up in Chicago and then spending 16 years in San Diego (via the US Navy), Daniel has made Idaho his home since 1998. According to Daniel, Idaho is “America’s best-kept secret.” 

As strong homeschooling advocates, Daniel and his wife Jeralynne have been homeschooling for eleven years. They also teach Worldview and Apologetics classes to homeschooled teens, and anyone else who wants to learn it (church groups, retreats, etc.). 


Daniel is a New York Times best-selling author with five books under his belt and regular columns appearing in several magazines.  His book Creating Passion-Driven Teams was on best-seller lists in multiple countries. His newest book, Become a Student of Your Students, was co-written with his wife Jeralynne, and is focused on helping homeschool parents create optimal learning conditions for their children.


Daniel is a certified behavioral analyst, plus he holds a Bachelor of Science in workforce education & development and a Master of Education in training and development.


In addition to being co-director at Family Experience, Daniel's "day job" is president and CEO of Leadership Development, Inc. and MyWorkplaceExcellence.com, where he helps individuals an teams understand understand and apply emotional intelligence.  Daniel also helps organizations create training programs that bring maximum impact.  


Depending on where he’s lived throughout the years, Daniel has served as a youth leader, a men’s minister, an adult Sunday school teacher, and he has been active on multiple worship teams. His main passion, however, is teaching. 

When he's not teaching, speaking, writing, training, or homeschooling, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family, which, in addition to his wife and daughter, includes three dogs, two canaries, two parakeets, two guinea pigs, two chickens, and a rabbit.