Family Experience Fellowship
Helping Parents with Spiritual Leadership

Want your family to learn God's word TOGETHER?
What to have fun doing it?
Consider a Family Bible Class that equips parents with confidence in their spiritual leadership while simultaneously engaging children, t'weens and teens in the content of the Bible. And it's FUN!
Saturday Evenings in West Boise! 
[see where we meet]
Why everyone loves these classes: 
Some want to know "why" the topic is important.
Others want to absorb "
what" they're supposed to know.
Still others focus on "how" to apply what they're taught.
And some are driven by the "what if" possibilities of their learning.

We teach so everyone learns (all learning styles -- kids, teens, AND parents!). PLUS: Each week parents receive suggested activities to help them reinforce the learning from that week's topic. 


You'll be impressed with how fun and engaging a "Family Expereince" can be. Contact us with any questions, or inquire about starting a Family Experience Program for your church or home group.  We'll help you!!

If you're in Boise's Treasure Valley, come attend an "FX" class to see how it works. Questions? 


(208) 375-5048

We meet on Saturdays at 5:00 pm in West Boise [MAP]

This is the model for teaching FX Family Bible Classes.  The curriculum reaches all learning styles, and it's a program that equips parents to be stronger spiritual leaders in their own homes.