Creating Passion-Driven Teams

How to prevent micromanagement and motivate people to top performance

In ministry and in business, team leaders must create the right conditions for passion to emerge. Those conditions must be nurtured, not unlike a gardener creating the right conditions for plants to flourish.


In this book, you'll learn the principles and methods top managers use to develop passionate, engaged teams that are dedicated to success.


Applying what you read, you'll be able to:

  • Motivate without manipulating

  • Turn mistakes into a fervent drive for quality

  • Equip teams to enthusiastically adapt to change

  • Create environments in which people strive for excellence

  • and much more


Today's workforce requires managers to be more than just a person in charge. Creating Passion-Driven Teams show you how to tap your team's natural motivations and achieve consistent, sustained top performance.


"When I started reading, I found myself drinking deeply from Dan's principles and examples."  

- Gary Harpst, Chairman, Solomon Cloud Solutions 

"This book goes beyond abstract ideas and gives you the nuts and bolts you've been looking for!"  

- Monty Rainey, Owner, RPM Storage Management

"The BEST management book I have ever read!"  

- Yvonna Graham, Director, MMT