DISC Reference Manual

DISC is a universal language of behavior -- and behavior style is the best predictor of communication style -- which means if you know your DISC scores, you'll know how to better communicate and interact with your family members!

Behavioral style also happens to correlate directly to teaching style and learning style!

Four distinct styles exist, and rarely do any two people in one family have the same style.  For example: 

When the parent (above) knows the styles of each of the three children, it's easy for that parent to adapt when necessary to get the best communication with each child. 

Each of these children prefers to LEARN differently, too!  Again -- when the parent knows these differences, it's much easier to help each child learn. 

The DISC Reference Manual is "everything you need to know" about the DISC language -- how to communicate with, motivate, and manage each style! This is an excellent resource for any family. 

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