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June 25 @ 6:30pm:

Beyond Learning Styles


How to use the DISC profile to improve teaching & learning


June 25: Beyond Learning Styles

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Our mission: Equip Parents
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Local Boise-area Family Experience Class:

If you happen to live in Idaho's Treasure Valley or are passing through, you are invited to attend one of our Family Experience classes to see how they work: 


  • Classes are designed for the whole family, and reach ALL learning styles

  • Each lesson has a "Big Idea" that underscores a truth about Christian living

  • Lessons are built upon solid Biblical principles


Classes last about an hour, and after each lesson we have a shared meal where families interact and build community.


Also: At the end of each lesson, parents are given a list of suggested activities to do with their families throughout the week -- this is to help parents strengthen their role as spiritual leaders in their own homes.  Along the way, family members are strengthening their relationships with each other, plus doing things that build their understanding of how God works in their lives. 


NOTE:  These Family Experience classes are an integral part of what we teach churches and interested families, so they can build their own community of strong families. 


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Daniel's latest column (on Homeschooling)!

Fun activities ...
 ... Solid teaching

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If you need a speaker for a retreat, conference, or other Christian event, or if you'd like a workshop for teens or parents (or both), consider connecting with FX Director Daniel Bobinski. 


Speaking, Teaching, and Keynotes

Schedule Daniel or Jeralynne Bobinski to present at your church or organization.  

Popular topics include: 


  • Become a Student of Your Students
    How to recognize the best ways to teach each child

  • Creating the Optimal Learning Environment
    Setting up learning for a child's innate intelligence

  • Conflict Resolution for Families
    A five-step works-every-time process

  • Living Toad Free! Removing Obstacles to Success
    Learning to work with one's learned motivations

  • Christian Worldview (for teens or parents)
    Examining 10 facets of life through a Christian lens


  • Why You Should, Should Not, and Might As Well Homeschool
    A compare/contrast of different ways to educate



We are a non-denominational ministry dedicated to helping families become stronger. Our mission? Equip parents with tools for knowing, loving, and leading their families.  

We do this through:


  • workshops & classes

  • encouraging parents to homeschool and equipping them with tools to do that better

  • helping churches and families set up mentoring programs for parents


We'd love to help you set up a "Family Experience" program, which is a regular time of focused teaching that engages the whole family. This program walks through the whole Bible while equipping parents with tools to be stonger spiritual leaders in their homes.    




Schedule a workshop!