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About Daniel Bobinski

Daniel Bobinski is an author, speaker, and co-director of Family Experience. His passion? Helping people remove obstacles to success, and equipping parents to be spiritual leaders in their homes. [more
How I started:  The year was 1989.  I was working as a trainer at a company I didn't like (specifically, their ethics), so I sent my resume all over town. I'd gotten out of the Navy as a decorated sailor with plenty of supervisory and training experience, but nothing. Not even a phone call! So one day at work I decided to have a "whine session" with God.  "Why won't anyone even interview me?" I asked in my head.  
To my GREAT surprise, a voice, not my own, answered in my head, saying: "Because I'm teaching you something." 
Shocked, I said, "WHAT!? What are you trying to teach me?"
I was amazed when that same voice responded, "I'm teaching you how to teach." 
And on that day, I started taking my training position a little more seriously.
Okay, a LOT more seriously.
In fact, that day my Christian walk --and my career-- took an entirely new direction. 


Now, with 30+ years of training and speaking under my belt, I have spoken in many different churches and many different conferences on many different topics, so if you have something in mind, just ask! That said, listed here are a few topics I enjoy sharing: 
What Others Say:  
"Daniel Bobinski is a warm and engaging speaker who comes well-prepared with informative and helpful presentations."
  - Linda Patchin, Chairman, Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State (CHOIS)
"Daniel would be an engaging speaker in any  speaking environment."  
  - John Russ, Idaho Dept. of Labor
"Daniel energized the room!  He was fun and informative from beginning to end"  
 - Tina Standlee, College of Southern Idaho
"Daniel has the unique ability to connect with audiences of all types."   -
  - Tami Ferguson Washington Trust Bank
"Each time I hear Daniel speak his presentations provide a warm, inviting atmosphere that people enjoy."  
  - B. Weaver, Idaho Business League
"Daniel Bobinski gave us heart-felt presentations on teaching, relationship skills, and communications. His sessions were well-attended, and we would love to have him back."
  - Norm Weeks, Treasurer,
Christian  Homeschoolers of Idaho State (CHOIS)
  • Train Up a Child: Be a Student of Your Students
  • Living Toad Free! Removing Obstacles to Success
  • Biblical conflict resolution for families
  • You're a man -- Deal with it
  • Why you should, shouldn't, and might as well homeschool
  • The Systematic Approach to Emotional Intelligence
Daniel is a member of the International Speakers Network, the Idaho Speaker's Bureau, and Idaho Christian Speakers.
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Daniel and his wife Jeralynne live in Boise, Idaho with their daughter Abbey, three dogs, two canaries, two canaries, two guinea pigs, two chickens, and  a rabbit. As homeschooling parents, Daniel & Jeralynne also teach Worldview and Apologetics to teens -- and whoever else wants to learn it.