Beyond Learning Styles:
Helping your child learn in the way that works best for your child 

Each child is born with a unique personality. When parents or teachers try to squeeze children into learning molds that don't match with their own unique style, the learning environment can get frustrating for everyone.


If you’ve been struggling to get your children engaged with learning, this workshop will help.  A lot.  


At this workshop, you will learn: 

  1. How to connect wtih your children's perceiving and processing preferences, PLUS

  2. How the following factors influence learning, and what to do with this knowlege: 

  • How one deals with problems

  • How one influences (or doesn't influence) others

  • One's preferred pace throughout the day

  • How one responds to rules set by others


This is a practical, fun, and info-packed workshop! 






If you would like to an info-packed learning styles assessment for your children (and perhaps even one for you as a parent), call (208) 375-5048 to arrange it. We offer a HUGE educators discount, but we are prohibited by the licensor from publishing the price.  No worries -- if you aren't satisfied, we have a 100% money back guarantee. 


DATE / TIME:  Saturday, June 25 @ 6:30 PM


LOCATION:   4848 N Five Mile Road in Boise, ID  (This is the Covenant Prebyterian Church at the NE corner of Five Mile and McMillan)


PHONE to reach Daniel or Jeralynne Bobinski:  (208) 375-5048

PS -- Do you like to eat?  Yeah, us, too.  FX sets aside 6:00 to 6:30 as the time for a shared meal ... feel free attend at 6pm is you'd like ... just bring some kind of food to share.  Call or email if you have any questions. 


Your Facilitator: 


Daniel Bobinski is a Certified Behavioral Analyst, and the Director of Family Experience, LLC (FX), which equips parents with tools for knowing, loving, and leading their families. FX offers workshops for churches, conferences, and retreats, including a worldview series for teens & parents. Daniel is also the author of numerous books, including Become a Student of Your Students, co-written with his wife, Jeralynne.  Reach Daniel at 

Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed. CPBA