Removing Obstacles to Success

Of the myriad books available on the subject of motivation, this book cuts through old theories and worn-out dogmas to present a fresh perspective on moving forward and achieving success. 

Removing Obstacles to Success is a humorous book using TOADS a metaphor for obstacles. Engaging stories plus a "Tools" section help you identify and eliminate Toads in your own life.

You'll learn that you don't need to continually expend energy artificially pumping up your motivation. Instead, you'll be identifying and eliminating Toads!  Great for teens & adults alike. 


"A great book. It is fun to read and full of new and enlightening twists to life's conundrums. We encourage people of all ages to identify and free themselves from their pesky Toads."  

- Dirk and Patricia Kempthorne

Former Governor & First Lady of Idaho and US Secretary of the Interior 

"This is a fun and useful book, clevery conceived and engagingly written. We should all live Toad Free!"  

- Edward Hallowell, M.D. 

Author of Dare to Forgive and Delivered from Distraction

"This book helped my teenage daughter understand motivation in a way that I could not teach her."   

-  Barb Wood, Parent