Special Event: 

Christian Symbolic Seder

Date:  Sunday, March 29

Time: 3:30 PM

Cost:  Donations accepted


Join us Sunday afternoon on March 29 as our guest Mike Freeman leads us through a Christian Symbolic Seder - a way for people of Christian Faith to express their faith by participating symbolically in the story of salvation. This Seder will be presented very deliberately and purposefully as a Christian service, with no apologies. At the same time, we will preserve the spirit of the Jewish traditions and experience in the service, to respect the faith journey of the Israelites and Jews across the centuries. 




Where: 770 W McMillan Road in Meridian. 

We're on the north side of the road, half-way between Meridian Rd. & Linder Rd.
Look for the "FX" sign by the road.  See a detailed map here