Become a Student of Your Students

Top Ten Non-Fiction Winner 

Idaho Book Awards

The "career” of parenting is one for which we receive little training, so it's up to us to take initiative and learn to be more effective parents. This includes becoming a student of our students!

Topics covered include: 

  • Learning Styles

  • Cognitive Styles

  • Natural Intelligences

Whether you homeschool or have your children in public or private school, being aware of your children's unique learning preferences helps you train up your child in the way he (or she) should go. 


"Become a Student of Your Students unlocks the mystery which often surrounds learning modality. Reading it and applying its approach will make your job easier as a teaching parent."  

- Linda Patchin

Founder and Chairman, Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State

"Anyone who cares about their kids needs to be a student of their students. This book provides the foundation every parent needs so they can understand how their children are motivated and the ways each child learns best."  

- Steve Vaughan

Board Member, Christian Home Educators of Colorado