At FX, part of the fun is earning FX Bucks!

What are FX Bucks?

How to earn FX Bucks
Parents AND kids earn FX Bucks!!
  • Show up to FX by 3:30=$1
  • Bring your bible=$1
  • Volunteer for a game=$1
  • Recite the Memory Verse=$5
  • Do something on the FX Activity Sheet=$5
  • Bring a friend who's never to FX before=$5
How to redeem FX Bucks

Every 10 weeks or so we put out a catalog with items families can order using FX bucks.  Each family member can make individual orders or pool their resources for more buying power   If you like, you can save your FX Bucks over several 10-week periods for more buying power! 


Kids love getting FX Bucks (even the teens!), and they end up learning a lot along the way.  :-)