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Daniel Bobinski is a popular trainer and keynote speaker. He's been teaching "Emotional Intelligence" in the business world for 27 years, and in addition to earning a masters degree in education, he's also a certififed behavioral analyst and "all but dissertation" with his Ph.D.  Several years ago God led Daniel to bring to the church the same information he's been teaching in the business world, & focus on equpping parents. 
Jeralynne Bobinski holds a degree in psychology and has been homeschooling for 10 years. Her passion is teaching teens about the Christian worldview and how to analyze the events going on around them with a Biblical lens.    
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God created the family as the first institution, and therefore we believe that the family is the core unit of society. With strong families come strong churches and strong communities. 
Because of that belief, we created a "Family Experience" (FX) Program.  These hour-long classes walk families through the Bible, teaching Biblical principles to the whole family while simultaneously giving parents tools for being stronger spiritual leaders in their own homes. The program has one main rule:  All members of a family must sit together! From there, all it takes is a Biblically mature couple to facilitate the sessions and a regular place to meet. We provide the core material and the model as well as mentoring (if desired) for the lead couple. Best of all, FX is totally flexible to your needs. 
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Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed., CPBA
Director of Family Experience Ministries

Did you know that Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go," is better translated, "Educate a child according to his way"?  At Family Experience, we are strong proponents of Homeschooling, so we help parents understand how to adapt their preferred teaching & learning style to best meet the way their children learn. 


Using the same assessment tools Daniel uses in the business world - but at greatly reduced prices for educators - Daniel & Jeralynne help parents know themselves, their spouses, and their children much better, and show them ways to adapt to create optimal homeschool learning environments. 


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This model of instruction, often referred to as 'The accelerated learning model,' helps parents and instructors connect with all learning styles. By using this model, more people enjoy learning because there's always something in it for them!

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