Why We Do These Classes

By understanding ourselves and others better, we have stronger, healthier relationships -- with ourselves, our spouses, our children, and with God.
Equipping parents with tools for knowing, loving, and leading their families. 

​Parents set the tone for a child's life. When a child can grow into who God created him or her to be, life is good for the child. But when that doesn't happen, children become either insecure or defiant, developing mindsets and behaviors that inhibit their relationships -- including their relationship with God. 


We don't know of any parent who DESIRES strife for their children, but without certain knowledge, strife can happen by default.


With FX's interactive monthly classes, parents learn to recognize the natural, God-gifted strengths within themselves, their spouses, and their children. And teens can learn about themselves, too, thus become secure in knowing who God made them to be. 


Attendence is free and everyone is welcome --- even those who don't have children in their home.  And free childcare is provided. 


Call with any questions: (208) 375-5048.