Daniel Bobinski 

Daniel and/or Jeralynne are available for keynotes and/or workshops for churches, retreats, or conferences. 

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Become a Student of Your Students: DISC Behavioral & Learning Styles
Learning the best ways to teach each child


Our children were made in the image of God, but for each one He used a unique recipe. Unfortunately, as their parents and teachers, we sometimes try to squeeze our children into molds God did not intend for them. If you’re tired of fighting with your child (especially over schoolwork), this session is for you. This session shows you how to identify and value both the strengths and the blind spots in each child’s unique composition. Also included are specific things you can do to keep different kinds of styles motivated, engaged, and on track. 

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Natural Motivators:
Creating an Optimal Learning Environment
Setting up learning for a child's innate intelligence


Learning is the transfer of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and everyone likes to learn in different ways. What happens when your teaching style clashes with the way your child likes to learn? This session covers the nine different innate intelligences, how to identify them, and how each style likes to learn. The result?  Less resistance and more engagement. And probably lower blood pressure for all involved. (This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA, and this session is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

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Living Toad Free! (Removing Obstacles to Success)
Learning to work with learned motivations


Common thinking is that we have the ability to motivate people, but in reality, that’s not the case.  The word “motivation” means “a reason to move,” and since everyone moves for their own reasons, they each have their own motivations.  What holds people back is not a lack of motivation, but rather the presence of obstacles!  Using a humorous analogy and relatable life stories, this session explains the six core motivators, how motivations are formed, and how to connect more deeply with your children in their own areas of interest.  Also: How to identify and remove the obstacles that are holding people back. 

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Christian Worldview
(For teens and/or parents)
Examining ten facets of life though a Christian lens


A worldview is the lens through which we see the world, and it shapes our decisions and values. Unfortunately, many people slide into whatever seems right as stated by friends and the culture around us. This workshop (geared for teens, but useful to parents, too) helps people understand the ideas & forces shaping their lives, & recognize the influence of Secular Humanist, Marxist/Leninist, New Age, and other worldviews in everyday events. But most importantly, you'll see the truth that Christianity is the preeminent, most logical choice for how to live one's life, and how to let your Christian worldview help guide your choices in life. 

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Why you should, should not, & might as well homeschool.
A compare & contrast of different ways to educate


There are many reasons to homeschool, and reasons not to. But all other things being equal, your children will likely be better off home-schooled. A few benefits include stronger family cohesiveness, greater levels of trust, and stronger family relationships. Beyond that, there's also the fact that homeschooled kids score higher on standardized tests than their public school peers. Still, this workshop does not present rose-colored glasses -- we'll also go over the negatives of homeschooling. But in the end, the conclusion is "you might as well homeschool," because even with the downsides, things WILL be better. 

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Conflict Resolution for Families
A five-step, works-every-time process


Disagreements, tension, and conflict are part of life, but left unresolved, they interfere with family unity—and with learning environments. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Biblically based method for minimizing – or eliminating – the strains and struggles that can weaken and damage family relationships? In this session, learn a “works every time” five-step method for conflict resolution. Also covered: The seven deadly sins of not listening, the two biggest obstacles to resolving conflict, and proven techniques for brining tension levels down very quickly.

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Vision and Mission Statements for Families
Establish a focus helps your family row in the same direction


Good families don't just happen. They happen intentionally. Okay, so your values are Christian. That's great. What are you going to DO with that? In what direction do you want your family to go?  What will your family do in order to get there? With a family vision and mission statement, everyone gets on the same page. These statements will serve as guides in both the good times AND the rough spots. But without them, your family can easily be tossed about by the waves surrounding them. Learn how to write practical, fun, and focused statements in this engaging workshop. 

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Cognitive Style: Resolving Learning Differences
What if my kids perceive and process different from me?


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a common tool in business, but did you know that understanding the four facets measured in this assessment tool can help you eliminate disconnects between how you like to teach and how your students like to learn? Learn to recognize how you -- and your kids -- get re-energized, how each of you prefers to perceive new information, how each of you likes to process it, and how each of you goes about making decisions. This workshop gives you an easy way to understand these differences and specific suggestions for bridging any gaps. 

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